Rabbit meat is produced and consumed all over the world and famous in many European, African and Asian communities. In some countries, it is a delicacy, and for some, it is as ordinary as chicken and an every day consumed protein.

It should be a bit of a surprise that it is the fifth most slaughtered animal in the world, outnumbering lamb, beef and goat, just three of the most popular proteins to the African continent except chicken, off course.


Special culinary skills are NOT required when cooking with rabbit meat and like with any other meat products only basic portioning and cooking knowledge is required.


Rabbit meat responds well to the same cooking methods and safety guidelines employed when preparing poultry. Rabbit meat has a flavour that accepts and augments several seasoning choices. This simply means that you may use rabbit meat in many tried and tested recipes of your own and experience how good they really should taste by substituting the protein with rabbit.

The flavour of rabbit meat is what actually draws people to it. Its organoleptic properties are tenderness and juiciness. It is classified as a bland palate similar to chicken but carries the flavours from herbs and spices extremely well. The maximum flavour can be expected from your seasoning choices when cooking with this protein.


Rabbit meat can be farmed to be a natural product. Rabbits don’t need stimulants to grow, and a natural grass diet is simply all that is required to fulfil the nutritional requirements for rabbits to flourish. This also ensures a healthy animal without the need for antibiotics. Rabbits farmed using natural rearing techniques can provide a good platform for sustainable protein and allows the practice of humane farming methods.


The quality of products is rarely overlooked by consumers.  Rabbit meat is the cleanest animal dressed for human consumption and Coniglio rabbit meat products are certified by The Heart and Stroke Foundation, slaughtered halal, have export certifications, excellent meat to bone ratio, low natural water content and boast a massive amount of flavour. No added hormones or steroid and antibiotics. Consumed as a niche meal or core source of protein, people want more.

Our products are served above the clouds to first class passengers, and the same quality is available to everyone else. Quality for us lies in more than just conforming to the minimum food safety standards but to an overall quality starting from nutrition to environmental while using good animal farming practices.


The importance of products with a positive impact on the environment has become more and more important Rabbits are a gift from nature and can be farmed with a positive impact on the environment.  The farming activity itself requires resources but through the efficiency of the animals, requires less when compared to other farmed proteins.

It is almost unthinkable, knowing that one and a half rabbit equals the same production as one cow over a twelve month period while using six times less water and food resources not to mention the space or land requirements.


Rabbit meat packs a high protein punch and on the fitness scene consumption of rabbit meat maximizes and assists with achieving goals related to training the body.


The low calories and high natural protein content just add to that extra edge among fitness fanatics.  At the same time, it is a very welcome alternative flavour to chicken for fitness fanatics that consumes mostly chicken on a regular basis.


The nutritious properties of rabbit meat can be used to aid a healthier lifestyle due to the high nutritious value obtained from this protein to advantage of the body.  When one requires a high protein source with a low kilojoule intake for muscle building or toning it is comforting to know that this protein exceeds the ordinary available proteins contributions.


It also boasts essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from one protein source that makes for a very attractive part of a balanced diet. 

The “no pain no gain”saying does not portray on the consumption of rabbit meat for training purposes as it is as flavoursome as it is wholesome and is a welcome alternative to all without compromise.


Many of the health or medical benefits of consuming rabbit meat is directly related to the nutritional value of the meat.   Rabbit meat is not just a delicacy or a chicken alternative because the meat is tastier compared to chicken.  Its meat is whiter and healthier. Actually, it nourishes our body with essential nutrients just like phosphorous, proteins, and iron. It is also low in calories and equates to a balanced meal.


The high protein levels and the fact that it is highly digestible by the human body means that it is classified as delicate meat.  More than 96% of this protein is digestible and aid troubled or older digestive systems to function normally.


Lower cholesterol levels when compared to other meat and the special fatty acid profile not only limits unwanted cholesterol intake but fights cholesterol in the human body. This is also a welcome  alternative for cholesterol sufferers to enjoy a wholesome meal full of flavour and with great satisfaction.


Rabbit meat contains a powerful antioxidant called selenium that acts as a cell regenerating agent aiding the body in repairing damaged cells with a great effect on the healthy functioning of the skin as the bodies biggest organ.

It also helps stimulates sperm production. The stimulation of sperm in the body is then boosted by the vitamin called niacin and converts them into carbohydrates which then becomes energy in the process. The process produces more sex hormones hence, activates sexual drive in men and women.

French people, in general, are way leaner than other nations and they traditionally are among the highest consumers of rabbit meat in the world per head, and it is said that they are among the worlds most sexually active.

Another purpose of the selenium is guarding our body against skin cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, and prostate cancer. More benefits of rabbit meat include the development of the brain which is also the main reason why it is advised to be eaten by young ones and even the older ones

A non-prescription item that anyone can enjoy while working its magic as a precaution or as an aid to any of the above problematic  conditions.