Hospitality Rabbit Fillet

Rabbit fillet is the most succulent and tender part of the rabbit.  It requires very little cooking time and also the most versatile part that can be used in signature dishes of all cuisines.




The Hospitality range delivers a specific portion or cut, for the specialist application. No waste or excessive preparation times. It is directed at menu line-items and ensures that the most appropriate rabbit portion is available when required. The application now becomes endless and will ensure an extreme culinary experience for your guests.

This is a natural product, no antibiotics, hormones, stimulants or brine injections.   Hospitality products are packed to order.


The product is available fresh or frozen.  Portioned and packed individually in a high abuse vacuum bag.  The  products are prepared halal and carry the heart mark of the South African Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Each product has a variable weight of approximately 1,0  kilograms with 14 to 16 whole fillets.

It is white domesticated meat similar to chicken but with exceptional organoleptic properties that are not gamy in flavour.


Rabbit fillets are ideal for anything where succulent and favourable meat portions are required.  The cooking time is extremely quick and can even be poached for use in a fresh summer salad with a twist.  This is the part of the rabbit that you will be complimented on, for your culinary skills and exceptional flavour.