Hospitality De-boned Rabbit

A delicately de-boned whole rabbit, rolled and netted to be roasted or cooked whole.  Ideal for the carvery menu and a welcome alternative as a social cooking offering.





The Hospitality range delivers a specific portion or cut, for the specialist application. No waste or excessive preparation times. It is directed at menu line-items and ensures that the most appropriate rabbit portion is available when required. The application now becomes endless and will ensure an extreme culinary experience for your guests.

This is a natural product, no antibiotics, hormones, stimulants or brine injections.   Hospitality products are packed to order.


The product is available fresh or frozen.  De-boned rabbit is packed individually in a high abuse vacuum bag.  The  products are prepared halal and carry the heart mark of the South African Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Each product has a variable weight of 0.8 to 1,0 kilograms.

It is white domesticated meat similar to chicken but with exceptional organoleptic properties that are not gamy in flavour.


Having a ready-made product that can be socially enjoyed is just so much more convenient on the carvery menu, or for a special occasion.   A whole de-boned rolled rabbit just sounds like it should be a Sunday roast or for the Kettle or barbecue.

It could be a cumbersome de-boning a whole rabbit for most but why not buy it ready and netted to compliment your special occasion.  This is an exceptional way to experience rabbit for first timers!