Coniglio Whole Rabbit

Aimed at the hand of a good chef or the individual who would like to extend his culinary experience.  Rabbit is an exceptional alternative for other meat proteins and will leave you simply amazed by its flavour and texture.

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The whole rabbit is the core product produced by collective farming methods from all provinces in South Africa.  It is the most cost-effective offering and mainly produced for export and specific local markets.

This is a natural product, no antibiotics, hormones, stimulants or brine injections.   Volumes are available on order, and stock is always at hand.  The rabbit is packed individual, whole, including the head, heart, liver and kidneys.  It is packed in clear and a second retail ready packaging.  The product is dressed and cleaned ready for cooking.

A special meat rabbit breed is used for production humane rabbit farming condition for South Africa, unequalled around the word.  Rabbit is recognised livestock by the depart of agriculture in South Africa.


The product is available fresh or frozen.  Each carcass has a variable weight of 1,2 to 1,6 kilograms.  The carcass is slaughtered halal and carries the heart mark of the South African Heart and Stroke Foundation.

It is a white domesticated meat similar to chicken but with exceptional organoleptic properties, not gamy in flavour.


Whole rabbits have always made their way into a stew or a pie and are also often barbecued or grilled whole.  There is, however, a much more sophisticated way of cooking with rabbit meat, and to portion, a rabbit is as quick as it is easy.  A whole rabbit can be prepared in many forms and cut up for the desired application.

Whole rabbits are for distribution purposes that is quick an easy and because of its extensive shelf life can be portioned or de-boned at a later stage.  At the same time, the culinary experience is timeless.  The purpose of the whole distribution is to ensure a consistent supply of rabbit meat and the availability to existing patrons around the country and to markets abroad.