Ted’s Rabbit Meat

1180 x1180 Teds Brand

Ted’s Rabbit meat is a product produced by a group of contracted farmers for main export markets.  Ted’s have secured an association and access to these products for local markets, made available specifically through distribution channels that will and have started to service informal markets.  Ted’s aims to offer consumers with a high-quality alternative protein source and endeavours to provide communities with protein at affordable prices.

The products have launched in Thaba Nchu, Free State and will be launched soon in the same sectors in  KZN, Gauteng and Cape Town.  It is foremost made available through a promotional phase to introduce this protein to consumers.  There is no doubt that consumers will come to love this product over time.  The demand established through promotions and events in the past five years have proven without a doubt just that, only pending a steady supply.

The product is to be formally and socially consumed and will become more and more accessible in its core form as a welcome alternative that boasts quality and value.  The potential of rabbit production and the rate that it can be done in is simply astounding.  Ted’s will use infrastructure that will impact positively on the country’s socio-economic challenges to distribute and give consumers access to this product through local entrepreneurial opportunities.

Over time Ted’s have developed into a sought-after product only available to a selected few due to the availability.  Sustainable levels of supply have been reached, and products can be supplied in volumes to targeted sectors.

It is a fact that rabbit meat is just as a niche in any market sector and viewed by consumers as a treat for special occasions.  By giving special attention to the distribution method and consideration to who benefits from the product in the value chain, it is possible to supply lower-income markets with an appropriate product directly.  The additional weight that most products carry from production to consumption is streamlined by Ted’s, making this product available to consumers in informal markets, with an added purpose and meaning.

Any interest in the Ted’s Rabbit Meat Brand can be directed to Kholekile Mbanga by emailing tedsrabbit@coniglio.co.za.