The Facts

The possibilities of rabbit meat as a farmed source of protein are simply astounding when all the facts are considered especially in countries where this industry is underdeveloped.  Rabbit can be produced by collectives, small and commercial producers with minimal impact on land resources and collectively supply products to communities and high-end consumers while constructively contributing to social security.

This section gives a combined perspective of why this protein is so important from a food security and a culinary perspective.  This protein simply outclasses any other protein producing industry in all categories from the farm to the table.

Rabbit meat is a protein that exceeds all expectations including the most important, the flavour and taste every consumer is looking for in their choice of every day consumed protein.  When this industry is stimulated, it has the potential to feed the whole of the African continent with the consumers as the producers adding extra purpose and meaning to the efforts.

Please consider the various perspectives listed under this section and see how rabbit meat as a protein weigh up to other existing proteins.